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 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using multiple methods for job analysis? Why? 

Student response

 Job Analysis is the systematic study of jobs to identify the observable work activities, tasks, and responsibilities associated with a particular job or group of jobs. It is a systematic method of gathering information. It reports the job as it exists at the time of analysis, not as it was in the past nor as it exist in another organization.

Advantage: It provides all-round data on a particular job because it ensures consistency in the work evaluation process, it also guarantees the process’s material validity and it provides information on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of validity. It is not possible to define such job characteristics in a quantitative way, so qualitative approaches are useful in this case.

Disadvantage: One of the main drawbacks of using multiple job analysis methods for a particular job is the increased coast associated with it. Sometimes, using multiple methods can lead to costs beyond budget. It is also very time consuming because job analysis is to be conducted using multiple techniques. Having multiple job analysis can also lead to conflicting information about a particular job.
Job Analysis provides the objective criteria needed for executives to make informed decisions regarding staffing, selection, performance, succession planning and compensation. This allows companies to not only create better selection systems, but also create effective training development programs, compensation and talent management systems.

David, C. (2011, October 11). How conducting a job analysis improves your business’s efficiency, growth and innovation. Retrieved 10/30/19, from http://www.sbnonline.com/article/how-conducting-a-job-analysis-improves-your-businesss-efficiency-growth-and-innovation/ 

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