1 A nurse is assessing a full-term newborn upon admission to the…

Question Answered step-by-step 1 A nurse is assessing a full-term newborn upon admission to the… 1 A nurse is assessing a full-term newborn upon admission to the nursery. Which of the following clinical findings should the nurse report to the provider?a.    Rust-stained urineb.    Transient circumoral cyanosisc.    Subconjunctival hemorrhaged.    Single palmar creases2 A nurse is assessing a newborn following a vaginal delivery. Which of the following findings should the nurse report to the provider?a.    Bulging fontanelsb.    Subconjunctival hemorrhagec.    Miliad.    Caput succedaneum3. A nurse is receiving report on four postpartum clients. Which of the following clients should the nurse plans to attend toA. A client who reports abdominal pain during breastfeedingB. A client who has a urine output of 250 mL in 6hrs.C. A client who reports changing her perineal pad every 2 hrsD. A client who has hyporeflexia while receiving IV magnesium sulfate4. A nurse is providing teaching to a client who is primigravid and is scheduled to have an abdominal ultrasound understanding of the teachingA. I won’t apply perfumed lotion to my abdomen before the test.B. I will drink water before the test until my bladder feels full.C.I need to take a stool softener the night before the testd. I can’t have anything to eat after midnight5. A nurse in a prenatal clinic is caring for a group of clients. The nurse should recognize that which of the following client has a contradictionA. A client who has gestational diabetes mellitusB. A client who had a previous stillbirthC. A client who had a non-reactive nonstress testD. A client who has a previous classical incision.6. A nurse is caring for a newborn who was delivered 12 hrs ago. Which of the following findings indicate hypoglycemia? (select all that apply)A. Difficulty feedingB. Hypertoniac. jitterinessd. Acrocyanosise. Blood glucose 75 mg/dl7 . A nurse manager in a newborn nursery is reviewing infection control procedures with a group of newly hired nurses. Which of the following instructions should the nurse manager include in the teaching?a.    Allow parents to enter the nursery if they are wearing a maskb.    Place newborn bassinets at least 3 feet apartc.    Place the newborn’s foot on a sterile field during a heelstickd.    Maintain airborne precautions in the nursery8.A nurse is caring for a client who is postpartum. The client reports no relief in perineal pain following the administration of oxycodone/acetaminophen. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first?a.    Reposition the clientb.    Assess the client’s perineal area for swellingc.    Administer ibuprofen to the clientd.    Apply an ice pack to the client’s perineum9 A nurse in a clinic is caring for a client who is in her second trimester of pregnancy. The client expresses concern about preparing her 2-year-old child for a new sibling. Which of the following is an appropriate response by the nurse?a.    Let your toddler see you carrying the baby into the home for the first timeb.    Require scheduled interactions between the toddler and the babyc.    Move your toddler to his new bed 2 months before the baby comes homed.    Avoid brining your toddler to prenatal visits10.A nurse is assessing a client who has preeclampsia and is receiving magnesium sulfate via continuous IV infusion. Which of the following findings should the nurse report to the provider? (Select all that apply.)a.    Urine output 130 mL/4 hrb.    Respiratory rate 11/minc.    Deep-tendon reflexes absentd.    Flushing of the face ? e.    Fetal heart rate 120/min11, A nurse is caring for a newborn immediately following birth and notes a large amount of mucus in the newborn’s mouth and nose. Identify the sequence the nurse should follow when performing suction with a bulb syringe. (Move the steps into the box on the right, placing them in the selected order of performance. Use all the steps.)Compress the bulb syringePlace the bulb syringe in newborn’s mouthUse bulb syringe to suction newborn’s noseAssess the newborn for reflex bradycardia Health Science Science Nursing 123 123 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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