1. Extended Definition Infographic 2. Audience Analysis & Extensions document

Audience Analysis & Extensions document Requirements

You will complete and submit this pre-writing document, which will help you:

  • Choose an audience and purpose, based on your concept
  • Plan your infographic design and writing, based on your chosen audience and purpose
  • Identify and justify 3+ “Ways of Extending an Infographic” you will use in your infographic

This document will help me grade your project by showing me:

  • How you considered audience in creating your infographic
  • That you understand which 3 “Ways of Extending a Definition” you used and why you used these

Extended Definition Infographic Content & Technical Writing Style Requirements

  • Starts with a Sentence Definition
  • Contains three “Ways of Extending a Definition” beyond the sentence definition
    • Note: Extensions are specific concepts from the textbook (Ch. 20). Do not confuse “Ways of Extending a Definition” with document design concepts. For example, chunking and alignment are NOT ways of extending a definition.
  • Includes a Sources Cited or Sources Consulted list (see “Research Requirements” on this assignment sheet for more information)
  • Adheres to Technical Writing Style lessons from Project 1 (Ch. 9, 10)

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