1.Using the project deliverables from weeks 5 and 7, Make…

Question 1.Using the project deliverables from weeks 5 and 7, Make… 1.   Using the project deliverables from weeks 5 and 7, Make transcript. Take the major points explored from the previous deliverables (origin and interpretation of the “The Saying” and its relevance to lifespan human from Week 5; and how ‘The Saying” applies to the person you researched for Week 7 and a description of the person’s stage of human development) and write the transcript of what you will be presenting. The transcript should be about a page long and should incorporate any feedback your instructor has given. Include the text of the transcript in the Assignment Worksheet section on page 3. In your presentation, you are encouraged to be creative and engaging, however, the information you present must be grounded in accurate application of developmental thinking.WEEK 5This folk theory was originated by alexander pope in the year (1732) and was stated hundreds of years ago. All these years it has been quoted differently by many individuals, “just as the twig is bent the tree declines”.This theory can be interpreted in many ways. According to my research, the phrase shows that self-confidence and behavioral patterns are shaped very early in life i.e the exposure to certain things or events in life can have an impact on that individual as a child and can eventually grow with them into adulthood. For example, good/bad upbringing, experience and altitude can be carried over into the different stages of development. As an individual grows, it starts with the foundation of knowledge/memories and continues to build on it through their lives.This folk theory applies to life span and human development because as development continues in stages we go through different experience and changes which will influence how we will live and perceive the enviroment we live in.WEEK 7Aileen Wuornos was a woman from Troy Michigan. She was found guilty of murdering several men in Florida. Her father killed himself while in prison time for child molestation while her mother left her with her grandparents who were alcoholics. Aileen was sexually abused by her grandfather and had a baby who was later given up for adoption. She left home when she was 15 and was engaged in sexual acts in exchange for money to survive. Some reporters have called her the “damsel of death”. At first, she claimed that all the murders were in self-defense though she would retract these statements, Aileen was age 33-34 years (adult stage of development) when she committed these murders. Nature/nurture concept has an effect on her before, during, and after her murder conviction. Her childhood experience with her parents/family affected her a great deal and, she was unable to form healthy relationships with people. Due to her long history of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, Lee’s self-esteem was very damaged. She didn’t seem to hold herself in very high regard. She seemed to experience significant difficulties controlling her behaviors because she sees them as a normal way of living. All these experiences and feelings were part of her till her death.References:http://www.biography.com/crime-figure/aileen-wuornoshttps://capitalpunishmentincontext.org/cases/wuornos Health Science Science Nursing PSY 278 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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