1000 word APA format essay with abstract and reference page.

1. was it ethical for Apotex to include  a three-year gag clause in the agreement with Dr. Olivieri?

2. even though Dr.Olivieri later admitted that she should never have signed the agreement with Apotex that included a confidentiality clause, does the fact that she did sign it have any bearing on her actions here? why or why not?

3 was Olivieri’s decision to publish her findings about the trial an example of universalism or utilitarianism? Explain your answer.

4. If we identify the key players in this case as Dr. Olivieri, Apotex, the hospital for Sick Children, and the University of Toronto, what are the conflicts of interest between them all.

5. What do you think would have happened if Dr. Olivieri’s fellow academics had not supported her in her fight?

6. How could this situation have been handled differently to avoid such a lengthy and bitter battle?

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