11.What are some possible indications for supplementary (formula) feeding for breastfeeding infants? 12.What is the purpose of pumping/expressing

Question Answered step-by-step 11. What are some possible indications for supplementary feeding12. What is the purpose of pumping/expressing(formula) for breastfeeding infants?  breast milk? Describe some situations in which a breastfeeding mother would need to incorporate pumping into her routine.13. Discuss advice nurses can provide to breastfeeding mothers regarding these topics:Nutrition:Rest:Breast Care:Contraception:Medications:Alcohol:Smoking:Caffeine:Herbal Preparations:14. There are numerous common concerns of breastfeeding mothers. The textbook authors covers the following ones: engorgement, sore nipples, insufficient milk supply, plugged milk ducts, and mastitis. Review all these sections. For this question: Describe 2 of these common concern phenomena, and explain current care approaches for each.15. A lactation consultant utilizes the abbreviation IBCLC as a credential after becoming certified. What does IBCLC stand for? Describe the steps of the process a registered nurse goes through in order to attain IBCLC certification? Health Science Science Nursing NUR 365 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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