I need a 2 or 3 sentence comment for each paragraph

Paragraph 1

The definition of the traditional family is “is the parents and offspring living together as a societal or social unit with the same ancestry” (Green, 2018). However, the definition of family that encompasses the different family structures today would be “societal units of single-parent families; lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, and questioning (LBGTQ+) families; children raised by grandparents or other relatives; multigenerational units; and people who are together out of friendship and love, not bloodlines. Pets, often part of a household, may acquire the status of “family” members. Thus, family tends to connote a complex, diverse, and dynamic unit, often consisting of parents and children related by legal, genetic, or emotional ties” (Green, 2018). For example, I know some people who are unable to have children of their own and consider their pets as their children. I am sure many people have even heard the term ‘dog-mom’ being used throughout society as well. The family systems theory states that “Family members influence each other and the family as a whole” (Green, 2018), furthermore, each “…individual does not exist in isolation, but is part of a group or family system. Each family member experiences the togetherness, attachment, and intimacy of the family system, but the family member remains an independent thinker with individual purpose-driven actions” (Green, 2018). Whether or not a patient’s family is considered traditional or nontraditional, it is important for nurses to understand the family systems theory when providing and planning care because a patient’s family truly impacts their environment.

Paragraph 2

I think the definition of family is one that is likely to change per the patient and their individual take on the definition. What a family to me could be and is probably very different than what a family is to one of my patients. Family is either by choice, so the person or people have chosen this as their family and it could range from a best friend to a significant other or a family could be blood, the “biological” part of what makes people “family” and lastly, it could be a mixture of both choice and “biologic” that makes a family. It is important to acknowledge a non-traditional family because like I said before the people in the “family” does not matter but how they interact and the dynamic in which they live is what is more important than the who of the family. “A family systems approach to individuals and their families provides a means to better understand the interactions of a societal family unit ”  and family systems theories help us to understand what we, as nurses, need to look for when assessing and evaulating a family and their health.

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