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“Information science is the systematic study and analysis of the sources, development, collection, organization, dissemination, evaluation, use, and management of information in all its forms, including the channels (formal and informal) and technology used in its communication” (School of information, 2017).

The way I use informatics in my clinical practice is by storing any documentation I do when I take care of my patient. Also, by reviewing any pertinent information, I need to safely care for my patient. I believe the electronic health record (EHR) I use at my hospital meets with the federal set goals. We can improve quality, safety, and efficiency. Some of the ways we improve safety is by scanning the patient’s id band before we give any medication. With this program, we are able to retrieve information needed to care for the patient because every member of the healthcare documents in this system allowing us to coordinate care. All information is easily accessible to any healthcare provider. Making our job more efficient because we don’t have to call for every little question. We can review the notes made by anyone who has cared for the patient. We engage patients and families by replying to emails online. We ensure privacy and security for our patients by not sharing our password. We log off the system when we are finished documenting and we do not leave the computer unattended if we are logged in. (Hood, 2018)

Some of the ethical issues that could arise when using EHR are viewing information on someone you are not taking care of, such as a co-worker or even a family member. “Access to private health information (PHI) is limited either to people who are directly involved in the client’s care or to people designated by the client” as stated by Huchenski (in Hood, 2018). Just because we have access to someone’s medical records doesn’t give us the right to look at it, that is where being ethical comes into play.


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