16. Which of the following hormones decreases gastric acid production and motility? * 1 point A. Cholecystokinin B. Somatostatin C. Gastrin D.

Question Answered step-by-step 16. Which of the following hormones decreases gastric acid productionand motility? *1 pointA. CholecystokininB. SomatostatinC. GastrinD. Histamine17. Which of the following is true regarding lipid digestion and absorption? *1 pointA. Chemical digestion of lipids is aided by lipaseB. Emulsification of lipids by bile is unnecessaryC. Lipids are absorbed in the stomachD. Bile and lipids are absorbed in the jejunum18. In which part of the small intestine does majority of absorption happen? *1 pointA. DuodenumB. JejunumC. IleumD. Ileocecal valve19. After eating a lot of bacon in one sitting, Ted feels the urge to defecate. Which will allow Ted not to soil his pants? *1 pointA. The voluntary closure of the internal anal sphincter.B. The voluntary closure of the external ana sphincter.C. The voluntary closure of both the anal sphincters.D. Ted can’t be helped.20. After defecating, Ted now feels relieved. His intestines seemed to calm down. Which of the following is true regarding the movement of the large intestines? *1 pointA. Propulsion of food stuff is via 3 processes: Haustral migration, contraction, and mass movementsB. Haustral contractions are slow and segmental, lasting for 1 minute and happens every 30 minutesC. Contractions are sustained peristaltic movementD. Mass movements are long, powerless contractions over segmental portions of the intestines, happens 10-15 times daily Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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