197 Small reading response

Only 1 page, 2 paragraphs. MLA double space

Read the Example carefully, your response should just like the Example.

You need to use at least 3 reading in your response. No outside sources.

Also check the lecture.

Write a question in the end for discussion like the example.

Reading response prompts:(Choose ONLY ONE Prompt)

referencing readings and pose new questions or issues for discussion.

1. Is rioting a rational response to perceived unfairness or grievances? Why or why not?

2. Riots and communal violence often result from cycles of suspicion and vengeance between groups. After a riot or battle, what might communities, governments, or outside actors be able to do to break the cycle?

3. If politicians or governments are often involved in inciting riots or are complicit in them, are there ways for other actors to stop this or to hold politicians and governments accountable?

4. Does social media make riots and communal violence more or less likely?

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