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reply to the students response in 150 words and provide 1 reference


Explain what is meant by “job bidding and job posting. Explain the importance it has to you. 



Job posting and job bidding is an internal process that allows internal employees to apply for open positions within an organization.  The college that I work in sends out weekly openings at the college prior to making the positions open externally.   I am a classified employee that falls under the AMFSCE Union and due to the collective bargaining unit; there are additional requirements that the college has in order to post these positions.  Job bidding allows employees to compete for an open position within the organization.  After a little more searching, job bidding may imply that there are more applicants than openings within the organizations.  Another possible form is for employees to actually bid on their salaries and the organization makes the choice of who will go to the next step in the hiring process for that position.  I appreciate the organization wanting to promote from within.  Job posting would allow an employee with the right qualifications to take a position.  At the college where I work, this is important because there is also a component of institutional knowledge that you will not be able to get outside of the organization.  The college does not practice job bidding.

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