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reply to the students’ response and not the question  in 150 words minimum and provide 1 reference. Respond to the students response as though you are talking to them, use name 


  Find a compensation plan on the internet to evaluate – include URL and/or attachment of document to your posting – indicate why you want to review this plan. Find a benefits plan on the internet to evaluate – include URL and/or attachment of document to your posting – indicate why you want to review this plan.

students answer



I chose a sales plan because I am leaning on going into this career field right now. I also have never worked or been paid based on performance before, so it is extremely unknown to me. After looking through a few different ones in my research I came across this one which told a story of how a small business owner first just took the first compensation plan he found online and applied it to his business. After it was a complete failure he went through and tweaked things which were centered around two key themes. Making sure his top performers were paid, and making sure the mediocre and bad ones were cycled out of the company. He also found a way to ensure that sales reps stayed with their clients and kept them happy as opposed to logging the sale and then never spending time with them. I chose this article and hope y’all enjoy it because this is the type of organization I hope to be apart of.


For the benefits portion of this assignment I chose to use Amazon. Alot of friends and mentors have left the military and gone to Amazon for their careers. Since I have been in, they have been called the golden handcuffs, because the company tends to work them to their full capacity. Despits the strenuous hours, their benefits appear to be second to none. They offer great bonuses and allow their employees to gain ownership of the company via stock options. On top of other, fairly basic ones (in my opinion) like healthcare and maternity/paternity leave, their stock ownership program is a huge draw. I went to a career conference where many big companies like microsoft and facebook discussed how their maternity and paternity leave programs worked, the spokesperson from amazon, said if that is one of our questions at the career conference, then Amazon is not for them. I consider myself fairly hardworking and this was almost a sense of relief to hear them say it like this. 

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