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Describe the relationship between training and needs assessment. 


Training and needs assessment are indeed symbiotic to one another.  Specifically, training is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to successfully perform a job (Rue, Ibrahim & Byars, 2016, p. 160).  In order to have an effective training program within an organization, a needs assessment is often utilized to determine requirements. A needs assessment is used to review and/or modify organizational training programs.  It is a systematic analysis of specific training activities the organization requires to achieve its objectives (p. 162).   

The steps for developing a successful training program are:  1) performing a job analysis; 2) performing a needs assessment; 3) establishing training objectives; 4) conducting a training program and 5) evaluating training outcomes (Rue, Ibrahim & Byars, 2016, p. 160).  Training programs are devised through quality information gathered and the best possible methods of obtaining the information is through interviews, surveys/questionnaires, observation, focus groups and document retention (p. 161). 



Rue, L., Ibrahim, N. & Byars, L. (2016).  Human Resource Management (11th ed.).  New York:  McGraw-Hill

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