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Question 1:

Read the article from The New Yorker. Through this article you will see glimpses of how various concepts discussed in this course are converging together in that all-encompassing definition of health back from Day 1. This article walks you through a brief history of our environmental interactions and the spread of zoonotic diseases, including how the drive for urbanization pushed residents into slums/shantytowns. There is a lot to digest and unpack in this article. Even more so now it is important to practice synthesizing material together rather than the perception that your education is segmented chucks.


For your discussion post this week, express in your own words how you see the concepts of this course are starting to come together-you may use this article, the textbook, videos, slides, and your own experiences. (200 word minimum-though I encourage you to express more than the minimum in these topics)

Question 2: Select at least one individual (through texts, phone calls, family members/roommates if they are available) and have a conversation with them about climate change and the impacts on the environment as well as our health. Reflect on the process of having a conversation with someone outside of this course and what that experience was like (200 word minimum). You have the flexibility to explore other areas, topics and sources related to climate change. Consider approaching the conversation in the following way:

  • How do they feel about climate change and what is their perception of/attitudes towards of the US mitigation efforts?
  • What are your attitudes towards climate change and our response?
  • Why do you think climate change is a hard concept for people to grapple with?
  • How do you suggest reaching out to “the other side” and giving climate change the legitimacy it requires?

In addition to course material, you may find these two websites useful:



I post 2 examples of my classmates can response to one of them

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