2 AP FRQs on Research

FRQ 1: School wants to implement a new policy that teachers must limit homework to a reasonable amount to reduce students’ stress. The school randomly assigns the teachers into two conditions. Half the teachers were required to decrease the amount of homework they assigned. The other half proceeded to keep the same amount of homework that they usually assign. At the end of the year, the administration assessed students’ stress levels and concluded that less homework does minimize student stress.

  • Identify one aspect of this study that makes it an experiment.
  • Identify the independent variable.
  • Explain one possible operational definition of the independent variable.
  • Identify the dependent variable.
  • Explain one possible operational definition of the dependent variable.
  • Describe TWO possible confounding variables in this study

FRQ 2: The administration at Niceville HS believes that high standards have a positive impact on student success and design a study to investigate their hypothesis. They randomly choose half the teachers and tell them to impose strict final deadlines a week after the initial due date, and tell the other half to be more lenient in regards to late work. At the end of the year, they compare students’ final grades to evaluate different policies. They find that the students held to higher standards had higher overall grades. They release their findings, including student grades, to everyone in the school district in order to justify mandatory changes in district policy for all teachers the following year.

  • Operationally define the independent and dependent variables.
  • Describe the type of research method used.
  • Describe a confounding variable in this study.
  • Identify the ethical issue in this study and one way to resolve it.

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