3 Discussions

Required Textbook and Reading Material

Strategic Market Management
Aaker and Moorman
11th Edition, 2018

Discussion Questions (listed below)

Chapter 1 : Apply the marketing-myopia concept to print media, magazines, and newspapers. What is the implication?

Chapter 4: What are the emerging trends in the fast food industry? What are the alternative responses available to McDonald’s assuming it wants to stay relevant to customers?

Chapter 5: Perform a SWOT analysis for The Coca-Cola Company in the soft drink category. What are the biggest threats and opportunities? What strategic actions are necessary for the company to thrive by 2025?

Three Discussions Required: you must provide an educated, well thought out response. In addition, the grading rubric specifically examines whether your response relates to the content of the chapter; please make sure that you are clearly linking your discussion answer and responses to the material. Proper cites and references must be used; plagiarism will result in a zero.

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