3 questions from a text

I have 3 questions below and a link to a text.

please read it and answer the questions.

quiz on (The Road), pgs. 101-150. You may need to revisit some sections before the page 101.

1) The father and the boy are nearly starving. At one point they find some apples near a house but they encounter these naked people trapped in an underground cellar and then see some rough-looking individuals running through the trees. What amazing discovery do the father and the boy make after barely staying alive in the bleak landscape they are in? This discovery enables them to survive and to have some material comfort.

2) The boy is repeatedly showing a very kind heart. For instance, he is eating some food and he tells his father they should thank the people who provided it. He also wants his father to promise they will never resort to cannibalism? How is the boy able to hang on to decency in such a chaotic, dog-eat-dog world?

3) The man at one point has a tender memory of his wife. But the narrator tells us, “He thought each memory recalled must do violence to its origins. As in a party game. Say the word and pass it on.” What does the narrator mean here?

This is the link to the text


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