4 to 5 pages, Basic Economics paper

I want you to – Pick ONE of the Stories below from:

Business Wars-Podcasts :

Nike vs. Adidas

  • Marvel vs. DC Comics
  • The First Computer War(IBM vs Microsoft, IBM Clones)
  • Nintendo vs. Sony (gaming systems)
  • Ford vs. Chevy
  • Ebay vs. Paypal
  • Coke vs. Pepsi
  • Monster vs. Beats by Dre
  • Southwest vs. American – Airline wars
  • Xbox vs Playstation
  • Napster vs The Record Labels
  • Red Bull vs Monster
  • McDonalds vs Burger King
  • Browser Wars


and write as in below ……

What is expected?

1) 4-5 page (double spaced)

2) 3-5 economic concepts explained from content

3) Name 3 mistakes by loser in battle

4) Name 3 ideas that won the battle

5) Opinion on Future of Market/Industry discussed (fine to research)

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