The Academic Honesty Policy of Colorado Technical University is as follows:

All students are expected to conform to the accepted standards of academic honesty. Any work submitted by a student must represent original work produced by that student, and any source used by a student must be documented through normal scholarly references and citations. Any clear violations of these standards, such as cheating, violating copyright laws, falsification of data, plagiarism, or submitting the same work in more than one course without obtaining advance approval will not be tolerated by the University and may be grounds for dismissal. Read the  Academic Honesty Policy in its entirety. The policy can be found in   the CTU Catalog.  Do you  agree with it? Share your thoughts.  How does the CTU Academic Honesty policy relate to ethics in research, use of  scholarly publications, and your Dissertation, in particular? 

Refer to Chapter 1, Section 1.10 of the APA Manual. How does this description of self-plagiarism align with the CTU Academic Honesty Policy 

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