5 and 6 double spaced (typed) pages about Mishima

Mishima Write an essay in which you reflect on the seppuku of Mishima. Try to arrive at a judgment about the aesthetic features of his intentional ritual death. How do you interpret it? How does it relate to other aspects of his life and work? Do you share the criticisms of him made in the online documentary (that his suicide displayed vanity and weakness)? Or do you admire his resoluteness? How do you connect his heroic warrior death to his evasion of service in WWII? Of course this will be an informal reflection rather than a rigorous essay. Your discussion will necessarily be brief and incomplete. That’s ok. It is intended to be the beginning of a thought process rather than a final conclusion. This essay should be between 5 and 6 double spaced (typed) pages.

You can look up information or watch movies to understand this person and his thoughts

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