600 words of sociological film analysis – based on a film and readings attached

600 words of sociological film analysis – based on a film and readings attached

Please answer ONE of the questions as listed below. Each response should be 500-750 words, and double-spaced. You should draw upon lecture notes, readings, and films, from what I’ll attach later when constructing responses to the questions. You may use some of films and files listed later on, not all of them.

Note: The suggested length is 500-750 words. In general, the length of the response is less important than the quality of the analysis.

Please keep in mind the following when writing your response:

  1. Please be specificwhen referring to scenes, characters, symbols, etc. from a film to support your answer. Avoid, however, plot summary. Assume that the person reading the midterm is very familiar with the film and/or readings.
  2. When discussing the film, students must include one scene analysisto “anchor” the general anlaysi of the film in relationship to the prompt.
  3. You may quote from the readings, but use these sparingly. Quotes should not be used to summarize an argument or reveal plot summary.
  4. Responses that only summarize films, lectures, and readings will receive less points. Ideally, students are creating original analysis of the films and/or developing analysis already mentioned in class.
  5. Students should cite 2-3 readings from the syllabusin the construction of the response.
  6. Students should include citations as needed, but a bibliography is not necessary. Students only need to give the last name of author and page number within the body of the analysis, such as (Stoller, 15).

Remember, students only need to answer ONE of the following prompts:

Question #1

Several of the films we have seen so far in class could be categorized as “ethnofiction”, films that blend elements of ethnographic and fictional filmmaking. Pick onefilm from Weeks 1-4 that could be labeled as “ethnofiction” and explain specifically why. In answering this question, also refer to the reasons why the director might have chosen “ethnofiction” and the ways in which the film complicates notions of “truth” and “objectivity” in the depiction of social reality.

Question #2

In what ways do oral and folk traditions come to life in a specific film from Weeks 1-4? How do African filmmakers incorporate “folk arts” (Gabriel’s reading), the griottradition, and other African artistic and musical traditions into the film? Also, address how viewers less knowledgeable of Africa may miss the significance of these artistic, cultural, and/or religious traditions and, as a result, may interpret the film in a less meaningful or complex fashion.

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