8083 MD5 Assignment 3


8083 Module 5 Assignment 3:

Learning Outcomes Project: Best Practices in Assessment of Young Children

Throughout this course, you have completed assignments that you will compile to develop a final, graduate-level paper to fulfill your Learning Outcomes Project: Best Practices in Assessment of Young Children. As a professional in the early childhood field, assessment, whether obvious or not, plays a major role in the decisions you and/or the intuitions you work with make. It is likely, as a result of this course, your insight into the importance of assessment has deepened.

The development of the Learning Outcomes Project for this course will not only influence your knowledge and practice but serves as a support to advocate for appropriate assessment practices to promote healthy development and learning for young children. Furthermore, the exercise of developing an academic paper supported by scholarly research is invaluable. Each time you immerse yourself in the literature of the field and apply critical review and graduate-level writing to communicate your knowledge for a topic, you contribute to your own long-term success as a professional in the field and not just as a student.

Note: Your Learning Outcomes Project Directions document, provided in the Learning Resources of this module, outlines the components and content of this Assignment. Review this document again, as well as the Learning Outcomes Project Rubric, to make sure you have all of the required components for the final paper.

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