A Current Event through a Sociologist’s Eyes

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we’ve worked with the Big Four theoretical perspectives in sociology – functionalism,
conflict theory, feminism, and symbolic interactionism.

For this assignment, you’ll submit a 5-page paper in which you analyze a current
event through each of these lenses. You may choose any recent event (something that
has happened during this semester) that has significantly impacted society. As you
write your paper, please refer to these steps:

1) Include an introductory paragraph. This is a good place to provide background on
the event itself before diving into your analysis.

2) Analyze the event from a functionalist perspective, drawing on relevant course

3) Analyze the event from a conflict theory perspective.

4) Analyze the event from a feminist perspective.

5) Analyze the event from a symbolic interactionist perspective.

6) Include a brief conclusion. A few sentences are fine – just something to tie your
paper up.

7) If you use outside sources, please cite them in a References / Works Cited page, and
include in-text citations. You don’t need to cite the textbook. You may use either APA or
MLA format, whichever you prefer. Please note that this page does not count toward
the five-page minimum. Your paper should be at least five full pages, double spaced,
12-point Times New Roman font, standard margins. Upload your document to Turnitin
in either Word or PDF format. Please message me in advance if this isn’t doable, as I
can’t open certain formats.

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