A visual learner

Choose one topic below, then post your response for this discussion.

  • Response should be 300 words or more.

Topic #2

Try to determine how you learn.

  • Are you predominately an auditory learner, visual learner, tactile learner or some combination of these? (I am a visual learner)

Now, attempt to visualize to determine the learning style of your patients in clinical setting or any clinical situations. (I work in the ICU)

  • Are they congruent?

Now think about the patients you see each time you are in clinical environment.

  • Have you noticed whether the patients have had effective learning experiences to help them maintain their health?
  • Describe it. Using what you have learned from this module, decide what form of teaching would have complemented the learning styles of a particular patient such that their health education would have been more effective.

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