1. Identify the one contingency leadership model you prefer to use on the job and state why.

2. Describe the type of leader you want on the job.

Answer the questions related to the video case study below.  Add a paragraph about what your organization or any other organization could improve based on what you learned about McDonald’s leadership.

1. As a leader in the first years of McD’s, what kind of normative leadership style do you think Ray Kroc likely used?  Explain. 

2. What are the benefits of a corporate leadership strategy? 



DB 1

I believe the one leadership model that I prefer to use would be the “normative leadership model”. According to the text, this model is defined as having “a time-driven and development-driven decision tree that enables the user to select one of the five leadership styles (decide, consult individually, consult as a group, facilitate and delegate) appropriate for the situation to maximize decisions” I like this model because it helps to provide a set of rules/guidelines that I can follow in order to come up with the best leadership style for any given situation. Being able to ask these questions and conclude before trying to tackle the situation head on, allows for better decision making.

Personally, having a leader that will consult with the group to get information and suggestions before deciding is what I prefer. I have been a part of many different types of work environments. An environment that has a leader that focuses on group input and teamwork has always been my favorite. Not only does it allow for better answers, but it also brings us a sense of comradery and helps motivate us to work together on a solution. It can be hard for a leader to decide alone. Sometimes having the input of only one or two other people can help to transform a decision. Leaders that are not afraid to ask questions and respect their employees/follower’s input is the type of leader I want on the job.


Out of the five different leadership styles of normative leadership, I believe that Ray Kroc spent his time using the “delegate” style. According to the text, this style of leader would allow the group to diagnose the problem and make decisions within the limits that were allowed. Ray Kroc’s role would have been to answer questions and provide encouragement to the employees. In the video they talked about how Ray was the type of leader that infused his employees with purpose and fulfillment that they were a part of something bigger than themselves. I believe he was a strong believer in showing his employees that they could do anything they set their minds too, they just needed the right environment and a push. It is because of this charismatic type of leadership that I believe Ray would have used the delegate style of leadership.

Corporate leadership is very important to the overall success of a company. Corporate leaders in a sense provide the type of excellence that will affect the rest of the company. Take the human body for example. If a human’s brain is not functioning properly it can debilitate the rest of the body. This same scenario is played out in the business world. The top must perform properly and effectively in order to ensure the success of the business. Strong corporate leadership leads to better employee motivation, higher employee retention rate, better overall company structure, etc.

I have been a part of a few different organizations over the years. Some of them could use a lot of improvement on encouragement and leading by example. They treated us like robots and lived by the “do as I say” rule. McDonald’s cares about not only their employees as people but also about their success in the workplace. Many organizations could use lessons learned from McDonald’s leaders to create a happier, more fulfilling workplace.


Lussier, R. N., & Achua, C. F. (2013). Leadership: theory, application, skill development. Retrieved from          https://platform.virdocs.com/r/s/0/doc/551303/sp/32143963/mi/12012839 4?cfi=/4/8

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