Using your fictitious company from the assignment in Unit I (XYZ Company Quality Pizza), create a PowerPoint presentation of no less than 10 slides (not counting the title slide or references slide) with speaker notes to address the numbered topics below. Note: This briefing leads to the final presentation in Unit VII. 

In the presentation, you need to include the following items. 

1) Create a staffing plan for the upcoming merger. Explain the four approaches to international staffing and select the one(s) that your organization should use. 

2) Describe to what extent expatriates will be employed in the overseas location. 

3) Describe how training and orientation plans will prepare expatriate employees for success abroad and for their return home. 

4) Include specific strategies for increasing the participation and success of women in expatriate assignments in your staffing plan. 

Be sure to include a title slide and a reference slide that lists references in APA format. You may use the information in your textbook, and include at least one peer-reviewed source from an Online Library. 

Please feel free to reference the tutorial below for some guidance on best practices for creating a PowerPoint presentation.

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