For this assignment, you have the option to create a PowerPoint presentation (with accompanying audio components/portions) to address each aspect of your research proposal components. Your PowerPoint should include at least six audio-enhanced slides (not counting the title and reference slides). (ATTACHED)

This can include, but is not limited to, the information listed below:

1) how original data would likely be acquired, 

2) how you would acquire further information, 

3) how data would be analyzed,

4) which tests of statistical significance should be employed,

5) internal validity, and 

6) external validity. 

These are the components that you wrote about in the Unit VII Assignment, but for this unit, you are providing the information in a presentation or video format. Remember that you are not actually collecting the data or making analysis and are instead discussing the techniques that you would incorporate in this portion of your proposal. You should include at least the aforementioned six components, and the discussion related to each portion should include a recorded oral explanation (no less than 35 seconds each). 

In your PowerPoint presentation, use the slide notes function to elaborate on the information on each slide. Additionally, your PowerPoint presentation must also include the previously mentioned audio components to correspond with each mission statement component. 

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