A6.Follow the guideline to write 2pages discussion

This Discussion Board Critical Response is due by 11:59:00 PM (Arizona time) on Sunday, January 13, 2019.

Discussion Board critical responses must be approximately 400-600 words in length (or a little longer is fine) and must incorporate specific examples and concepts and citations with page numbers (when possible) from the readings and/or lectures. For explicit directions regarding format and expectations, please refer to the Discussion Board Guidelines, which you can access in the “DB Guidelines” link in the left-hand menu on the side.

This week’s readings, films, and supplementary videos gave us an introductory framing about Asian Pacific Americans and mainstream film, specifically Hollywood films. Citing the Okada reading and at least two of the videos, please answer the following questions:

What was the historical context that led to the emergence of Asian Pacific American filmmaking? What role did the state (U.S. government) play in this development?
How were Asian women depicted in Hollywood? How were Asian men depicted? Identify at least one specific stereotype each for Asian women and Asian men.
How are these Hollywood depictions and stereotypes historical? Or, put another way, how did these depictions and stereotypes emerge from specific historical moments and contexts?
In Slaying the Dragon Reloaded: 30 Years Later, what has changed in terms of representations of Asian women and men in film? Are there new trends? What remains similar or even the same since the release of the original Slaying the Dragon?

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