Adequately describe the role of prolactin in breastfeeding. Adequately describe the role of oxytocin in breastfeeding. Describe what encompasses &

Question Answered step-by-step Adequately describe the role of prolactinoxytocinDescribe what encompasses & what is occurring in: in breastfeeding.Adequately describe the role of in breastfeeding.Lactogenesis I:Lactogenesis II:Lactogenesis III:4. What are some ways the healthcare team can support breastfeeding mothers and their infants? Describe/explain.5. Describe feeding-readiness cues that an infant will display when ready to feed.6. When assessing a breastfeeding session of his/her assigned mom-baby couplet, what signs would indicate to a nursing student that the baby has a good latch? 7. What are some signs that indicate to a mother that milk ejection (the let-down reflex) has occurred during a breastfeeding session? 8. What are general guidelines for frequency and duration of feeding sessions? (How often should a newborn breastfeed? How long should feeding sessions last?) What about at night?9. What is cluster-feeding? Explain. Why does this pattern often worry new breastfeeding mothers? 10. The amount of time an infant is at the breast is NOT a reliable indicator of the amount of milk the infant is consuming.  Describe the many indicators/signs of effective breastfeeding. (There are signs relative to mother & signs relative to her infant.) Health Science Science Nursing NUR 365 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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