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During my time in the military, mentoring was very important. A mentor was someone we could rely on and ask for guidance and was done either formally or informally. They would often counsel us on how we can improve, what goals we have and what and how can we accomplish our goals. This process was done often and our mentor would often check in and follow up with us. 

The mentor would often check on the welfare and morale of the employees. Different topics would be discussed and the planning of our success would have periodically, to see if we hit a road block or if we needed more help. A mentor builds a relationship with mentees, and a mutual respect happens and the relationship becomes stronger where the individuals genuinely care about the goals and outcomes. Mentors are there to help build skills, team building, and they are willing to share their knowledge. 

A facilitator is present to ensure employees are on task, they direct a team and propel them to move forward on projects. The role of the facilitator is to stay neutral and not take any sides. They are there to make sure that there is group cohesive and productive. A facilitator is not only a mediator but also someone who is direct in their approach to get things done. I think it’s important to be able to be a mentor and facilitator when needed. 

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