Analytical Essay (about Immigration)

Write a Analytical essay about this Immigration (I offer the thesis and idea about the reasons why a part of immigration from China wants to leave the country.)

1. Please follow the outline which I have submitted below. For the essay, I have written thesis, three topic sentences (each topic sentence as first sentence in the each body paragraph), and supporting idea in the Outline page. please do not change everything from the Outline.

2. This essay doesn’t need high grammar but not too bad. (Thanks :))

3. Two and half page is minimum but three page is enough, no more than four pages. (Thanks :))

4. Please do not copy anything from online because it will be turn to ( which check if you are cheating (please please please). If you need any resource from the other article, please highlight and give the website at the bottom of my essay.(Thanks:))

5. This essay is made up of 5 parts (Introduction, Body 1, Body 2, Body 3, and Conclusion)

If you have any question, please contact with me. Thanks.

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