Analyzing Naturalism through Ethan Frome

STEP ONE: Add this document to your OWN Google Drive (the Google triangle with the + in the right corner will do this for you) – Fromeby Edith Wharton), read it, and annotate it. PLEASE ASK FOR HELP IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO ANNOTATE IN WORD OR GOOGLEDOCS.

  • Once you have completed the reading and done the annotation, complete this table:




Prologue–Chapter 2

While reading, make notes about…

  • setting
  • foreshadowing
  • theme of naturalism
  • setting:
  • foreshadowing:
  • theme of naturalism:

Chapters 3–5

While reading, make notes about…

  • author’s purpose/point of view
  • symbolism
  • communication between characters
  • author’s purpose/point of view:
  • symbolism:
  • communication between characters:

Chapters 6–8

While reading, make notes about…

  • rhetorical devices
  • themes
  • characterization
  • rhetorical devices:
  • themes:
  • characterization:

Chapter 9–Epilogue

While reading, make notes about…

  • theme
  • the tragic hero
  • figurative language
  • theme:
  • the tragic hero:
  • figurative language:

STEP TWO: After you complete the reading, answerthe following questions:

  1. How do literary elements and rhetorical devices such as foreshadowing, imagery, and symbolism affect your understanding of the story?
  1. Where do you notice the theme of naturalism?
  1. How does the author develop the characters in the story?

STEP THREE: Writing an essay!

  • Now that you’ve listed some important elements in the story, pick one aspectof Ethan Frome.
  • Write an essayof approximately two to three paragraphs (5-10 sentences each)detailing how the aspect you selected relates to your understanding of the novel as a whole.
  • Here are some suggested topics, but you may choose your own topic:
    • Explore the idea of communication among the characters in the novel. What theme does Wharton attempt to convey through their communication?
    • What does the pickle dish seem to symbolize in the novel?
    • What type of tragic hero does Ethan Frome represent? Explore the differences between a classic tragic hero and a more modern tragic hero.
  • Type your essay here:

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