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There are many strategies that can be used to involve others in organizational change to include telling employees how to change and how, forcing them to change using punishment and reward and even becoming the change through new behaviors and role playing; however, the most important strategy is to engage the employees.  In order to do this in the best way possible it is imperative that organizations ensure that their communication with regards to organizational change is simple, clear, concise and consistent. As noted by Bremer (2016), “people support what they help create.”  By empowering the employees they are more likely to buy in to the ideas of the change.  They are also the experts of infinite details within the organization and have the capacity to provide information which can improve the channels of change as well as steer away from potential disastrous obstacles.  With change it is also encouraged to establish a sense of urgency so as to heighten an individuals awareness and reduce the degree of complacency.  


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