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Why is it important to use the term Intellectual Disabilities instead of mental retardation?

How do we define intellectual disabilities? What must be present for a child to qualify as having an intellectual disability?

Explain how these two elements play out in qualification for having an intellectual disability…

  1. IQ score
  2. Adaptive behavior

What are some possible causes of Intellectual Disabilities?

How are students identified as having an intellectual disability (assessments)?

What are some of the psychological and behavioral characteristics of learners with intellectual disabilities?

What are some educational considerations for learners with intellectual disabilities?

Discuss testing accommodations and alternate assessment for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Summarize what you learned about these terms:

  • Self-determination
  • Self-regulation
  • Learned helplessness

What issues should educators and other professionals consider with respect to early intervention for learners with intellectual disabilities?

What are some important considerations with respect to transition to adulthood for individuals with intellectual disabilities?

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