APA Paper: What is Health Care Administration/Management

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to improve your business writing

communication skills. In the field of health administration, you will be required to draft

professional documents in response to various situations.

Competencies: Upon completion of this assignment you will be expected to have

obtained the following skills:

1. Describe in your own words what the health administration profession is based

on scholarly resources and professional organizations information.

2. Compare and contrast various points of view regarding the health care


In addition, you will be expected to be knowledgeable of the following skills:

3. Analyze formal and informal communication.

4. Compare/contrast the effectiveness of various communication methods.

5. Design effective communications for a wide variety of situations in healthcare


Knowledge: This assignment will also help you to become familiar with the following

important content knowledge in this discipline:

1. Managerial/leadership functions

2. Professional Development and Life Long Learning


1. Search AUPHA.org website for information regarding healthcare administration and

career paths.

2. Perform a library search for (3) peer-reviewed scholarly articles on healthcare


3. Compose a 2-3-page paper formatted in APA style with parenthetical citations to

support your observations. Use your references to answer the following:

• How does that AUPHA define healthcare administration.

• What qualifications, characteristics should a healthcare administrator possess

according to the AUPHA.

• How do you personally define healthcare

• administration?

• What characteristics do you believe a health care administrator should possess?

• Compare and contrast your definitions to that of the AUPHA.

4. Prior to submitting your paper in the Class schedule and attend a meeting with the Writing Lab (either in person and online) for review of your paper.  

5. Submit your paper in Canvas via the Turn It In Link  and proof of writing lab appointment and attendance in Canvas via the appropriate submission link

6. Once your paper has been graded up will then upload it to your ePortfolio under the heading: 

Writing Sample: What is Health Administration

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