Applied Research Paper


Personal Involvement with Popular Culture and Mass Media

Overview: In
essence, this assignment requires you to demonstrate your understanding
of the central concepts in the course; namely, popular culture and mass
media. That understanding will be demonstrated by your ability to
comprehensively identify and analyze your personal involvement with the
behaviors associated with the two concepts.

Section One; Personal Involvement: The task for this component is to 1) design and 2) implement a strategy for compiling an exhaustive
inventory of your exposure to and/or overt behavioral involvement with
popular culture and mass media (to include two weekdays, one Saturday
and one Sunday. As a part of that strategy you should diligently record
all of your relevant behaviors throughout each of the four days and
prepare a comprehensive narrative summary of that involvement for each
of the four days; to be included in Section One (following a brief
overview of your strategy for compiling the inventory). Note: The days do not have to be consecutive, nor occur in the same week.

Section Two; Reflection and Analysis:
The task for this component is to reflect on what you have learned in
Section One and share your thoughts via 1) a brief analysis of your
experiences using
the relevant material in Chapter One
in Grazian (to include an application of the three sociological
approaches on pages 20 nd 21); 2) a personal account of your thoughts
and reflections, etc. on what you learned in Section One and 3) an
appraisal of the assignment.

Administrative Note: At a maximum
value of 60 points, this assignment is a major Course Requirement, and a
significant contributor to your course grade. As such, it should
involve your best effort, to include a minimum length of 10 pages
(excluding the Title Page, Reference Page, etc.). All stylistic aspects
of the paper must follow the APA style.

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