Assignment 1

You just started working as a Health Service Manager at a major hospital. The CEO thinks he has a great idea, and wants your opinion on the following: Expand health insurance coverage to all US citizens (similar to Medicaid) and the federal government will pay the entire cost of coverage.

Write a 4 to 5 page report (double-spaced) on the economic implications of his idea. In discussing the issue, identify at least 3 economic concepts (discussed in Week1 and Week 2’s class content) when discussing whether or not (from an economic perspective) this idea is sustainable in the long-run. Rely on material in the course readings and summary slides to make your case. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION OF THE CURRENT AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, IT IS A CONCEPTUAL PAPER APPLYING ECONOMIC CONCEPTS LEARNED IN THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF CLASS.


textbook is: Economic Theory Through Application

And can be found at:

The Mayer book is titled: The Everything Economics Book : From Theory to Practice, Your Complete Guide to Understanding Economics Today

( try googling it) let me know if you have issues

1)Mayer Chapter 6: Supply and Demand

2) Economic Theory Through Application Chapter 4: Everyday Decisions (p. 54-90)

3) Economic Theory Through Application- Chapter 6.3 Supply and Demand (p. 202-213)

Chapter 7.2: Revenues of A Firm (p. 244- 62)

Monitoring Health Spending Increases: Incremental Budget Analyses Reveal Challenging Tradeoffs

1) Mayer Chapter 1: What is Economics?

2) Mayer Chapter 13: Keeping Score: The Gross Domestic Product

3) Economic Theory Through Applications Chapter 1: What is Economics? (p. 6-18)

4) Economic Theory Through Applications Chapter 2: Microeconomics in Action (p. 19-32)

5) Glossary of Health Economics Key Terms

6) National Health Expenditures 2015 HIghlights

7) What Do We Spend on Healthcare: National Health Accounts Forecast:

See Forecast Summary link and Tables 1, 2, and 3 in detailed data files:

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