assignment 2

MKTG201 Assignment Instructions DUE 1/12/2020

Assignment 6

There are two parts to this assignment.

Part 1: Try to remember the billboards on your commute to work or school. How many do you think there are? Explain why you remembered any of them. Next time you are on that route, note how many billboards there actually are. Are they effective?

Part 2–You’ve been asked to create a new social media networking site. What would you name the site and what would you suggest to make it better than existing sites?

Note: Please review my expectations for the assignment. I expect your response to include 2 or more references from the APUS Library system (failure to include such references will detract from your grade on the assignment), and be presented in APA Format. Deliverable length is 2 body pages. You will need a title page, reference page and in-text citations.

Busn310 Assignment Instructions DUE 1/13/2020

Course Objectives:

  • Students will become familiar with business theories and approaches relating to various business environments (Domestic, Global, Technological, Political-Legal, Sociocultural, and Economic)
  • Students will evaluate the business environments of a company identified as a worst company to learn why it is not successful.


Continue working with your chosen worst company and its industry and complete the following:

  • Identify Domestic and Global Environments (countries) that are in opposing cultural clusters (as identified in International business: theory and practice) identify which cluster(s) your two countries fit.
  • Identify the socio-cultural parts of each country as related to business for your company. You will need to examine these with the aid of Geert Hofstede (see readings).
  • Identify and discuss the various socio-cultural aspects of each country. Do they differ? How? What are the similarities?
  • How would these factors affect your company’s business in your Domestic and Global Environments (countries)?


  • Write a piece for your Final Simulation Project that details the items above.
  • Research requirement: minimum 2 scholarly sources PLUS something from your readings.
  • Page requirement: 2-3 pages in APA format. Utilize the APA Guidelines tips PPT attached to Week 2 Assignment.
  • Submit Assignment 6 by midnight, Day 7, week 6.
  • Review the grading rubric for guidance in preparing your paper.

MKTG 600 Research Proposal: Week 1 Assignment!

DUE: Jan 12, 2020 11:55 PM

Attachments checked for originality?


Top of Form

Assignment Instructions

Please submit a brief proposal (one page) describing your topic for your Marketing plan that is due in week 7. Keep in mind your final paper is an 15 page marketing plan for a product or service of your choice. I expect your paper to be well researched, clearly written, well organized and generally reflective of graduate level academic work. Things to include in a proposal: What (company or product), Why ( does the company not exist, are they missing the mark, or do you just want to write a new innovative plan for the company), and some preliminary thoughts on “how”. This could include a new market you intend to reach or a new strategy you want to employ.

This proposal must be in 6th edition APA format.
(Please note there is no specific form for a marketing plan proposal, so structure it like a typical APA formatted paper including a proper title and reference page)

Please name your assignment file as ‘lastnamefirstinitial-MKTG600-assignment#

Course Objectives:

  • Develop a Marketing Plan
  • Define the process for bringing a new product or service to market.

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