For this assignment, you will need to reflect on your values, beliefs, opinions and learnings about mental health and illness. Begin from the position of recognising your understandings about mental health and illness prior to beginning this unit and then reflecting on which views, beliefs and opinions have changed (or not) over the past five weeks. This requires a level of self-awareness and is designed to further increase your self-awareness. Describe what you have learned about yourself, others, and society generally.


While this assignment is about YOU and your experiences/beliefs/values/opinions, you still need to refer to the literature to support some of your ideas. This demonstrates that you have thought more deeply and critically about this reflection. 


Systematic Reflection Must Includes these parts as they are from our lectures…AND ALSO MUST READ ALL THE GIVEN LECTURES WEEK 1 ,WEEK 2 , WEEK 3  ATTACHMENTS BELOW TO WRITE SYSTEMATIC REFLECTION ….

 mental healthmental illnessstigmarecoverytherapeutic use of selfThe Safewards Modelbiopsychosocial assessmentcarrying out a mental state examination (MSE)assessment of risk for aggression, suicide, absconding and vulnerability to victimisationclinical formulationMaslow’s Hierarchy of Needsrecognising symptoms of anxietydeveloping a clinical formulation for a person with anxietyapplying Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs to prioritise care needsmindfulness as a strategy for mental health care.




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