Assignment: LASA 2 Assignment—Workforce 2020 Executive Report

     Module Readings:

Complete the following readings early in the module: Read the overview for the Module  From the textbook, The leadership challenge (5th ed.), read the following chapter: Leadership is Everyone’s Business

   Module Overview:

In this Module, you synthesize your understanding of  the concepts covered in the course and bring it all together to explore  the future of leadership. You will explore trends in leadership, the  workforce, and organizations and discuss the implications going forward.  You will also explore the leadership competencies that must emerge or  evolve for leaders to be effective in the 21st century.

The Future of Leadership

The major trend for the future seems to have two common themes—  bringing back the human dimension into the leadership domain and the  importance of transformational leadership, where the leader focuses on  leading others by creating a motivating environment so that employees  can develop and grow. Current trends have developed in response to the  complex challenges of the 21st century. Current organizations are faced  with a more competitive global market and rapid advancement of  technology and innovation. This demands leaders to be agile and  responsive.

Future trends will present additional leadership challenges as global  markets continue to grow and technologies continue to improve  productivity and work conditions. As multicultural aspects continue to  be incorporated into the workplace and expectations for social  responsibility and sustainable business practices continue to become  more prominent, leaders of tomorrow will have to resolve a variety of  dilemmas.

The approach to meeting these enormous challenges rests in using  people’s knowledge and expertise to enhance organizational performance.  Future leaders will still be required to respond to stakeholders’  expectations and make profitable decisions, but they will need to be  more responsive and willing to adjust to the demands of the entire  workplace situation.

Additionally, leaders in the future will need to remain up to date  with technology and display the ability to incorporate these  technological evolutions into their workplace operations and  communications. Staying up to date with the latest advancements will  enable leaders to be more receptive and open to newer opportunities as  they are presented. Future leaders will thus need to be ready to face  many more challenges than those faced by current leaders.


Both leadership and organizational strategy in the next decade will see  major trends affecting the way organizations conduct business. These  include the deployment of more technology to extend reach and access,  increased globalization, increased diversity, more focus on extended  supply chains, and a more nomadic workforce. In this assignment, you  will consider these trends and analyze how they may impact your selected  organization and what actions are necessary to get ready to address  these trends. 

You have been appointed by your organization (either a hypothetical one  or one you are familiar with) to prepare its Workforce 2020 executive  report.  

The report should be as detailed as possible for the CEO of your  organization. That means it should include the key points of your  research, analysis, and findings. The report should also contain  examples of specific application to your company in a clear, concise,  and informative document.

In The previous assignment Titled:  (Supplied in an attachment) Assignment 2: Working Ahead: Required Assignment—Workforce 2020 Executive Report, you began your research on Workforce 2020. In this module, you will expand on the work you did in the previous assignment Titled:    Assignment 2: Working Ahead: Required Assignment—Workforce 2020 Executive Report. Take the assignment Titled: Assignment: Working Ahead: Required Assignment—Workforce 2020 Executive Report paper, and incorporate the items below into your work. Be sure to use  the module readings, Argosy University online library resources, and the  Internet, including federal guidelines. Select at least 3–4 scholarly  resources for use in this assignment.   


Complete the following: Analyze your organization in its present form. Explain your  organization’s structure, workforce diversity, market/customer  diversity, and communications technology. Forecast future trends. Identify the economic, social, demographic,  and workforce parameters that are expected to be in the U.S. in the year  2020. Explain how those trends will or will not be reflected in your  organization. Consider addressing the following: What are the general workforce trends? How will these trends impact your industry? What are the general trends in leadership/management that are impacting your organization? Synthesize data and recommend changes needed for the future.  Identify and recommend leader, organizational, and workforce trends that  must be considered for change in the larger macro environment (for  example, advances in technology or globalization) in your organization.  Identify related outcomes for each specific topic: Consider addressing  the following: What leadership actions should the organization take? What competencies will be needed? What does the organization need to do to be prepared? To conduct a holistic assessment of your selected organization and  the challenges and opportunities it faces in addressing the noted  trends, consider some of the concepts listed below as you develop your  recommendations for the organization. It is not necessary to include all  the concepts, but you should include 2–3 of them to do a thorough  analysis. For example, leadership models and diversity management are  likely to be pivotal areas for the organization. You could talk about  the environment trends that were noted in the beginning of this  assignment and then discuss how leadership practices and approaches in  your selected organization may have to change to meet or address those  trends.
  Analyze how the following concepts apply to your organization:  Diversity management Leadership models Ethics Decision-making models Problem solving Conflict management processes 


Ensure that your paper includes the following: An integrated report with an introduction and summary A set of recommendations that will enable the organization to meet the expected challenges of 2020 Trends in your own organization 3–4 credible, cited sources supporting your projections

 Support your assertions using the selected scholarly resources. 

Your final product will be in a Word document and be approximately 12–15  pages in length and utilize 5–7 scholarly sources in your research. Plagiarism Free, Turned-in on time  

 This is A Final-Term Assignment and Needs to Be treated as such…

All Assignment Details and  Qualifications Followed, Running-Heads   Included, Pages Numbered, Cover  Page Included, reference Page Included   Paragraphs Indented, Questions Included Followed By the Answers, Follow    Grading Criteria,   main heading should be centered; all new   paragraphs  should be indented;   paper should have been right ragged,   not right  justified; references,   should always go on a standalone   page.  abstracts are not usually  indented; should be right ragged, and   not  right justified.  acronyms  should be spelled out when using them   for  the first time, for example  HR.   references as listed are APA    standard.   When you  submit your  papers through, you    overall  similarity  index  score  should not be exceedingly high,  with   ten to  fifteen percent  being  the  maximum,   acronyms should  be   spelled out  when using them for the   first time, for example HR,     abstracts are not  usually indented;  should  be right ragged, and  not   right justified,   Please work on your  APA  formatting of  citations. I   hae provided the  APA resource cite for  you.,       Please work on using literature within the span of the last 5   years,      keep in mind there should not be any one, two, or three   sentence   paragraphs 

Your response should be  thorough and address all components of the   discussion question in  detail, include citations of all sources, where   needed, according to the  APA Style, and demonstrate accurate  spelling,  grammar, and punctuation. Your  paper should be  written in a clear, concise, and organized manner;  demonstrate ethical  scholarship in accurate representation and  attribution of sources; and  display accurate spelling, grammar, and  punctuation. 


In this executive report make sure that you will  build from your previous paper Titled: Working Ahead: Required Assignment-Workforce 2020 Executive Report. This will bring the work of  the class full circle. Support your predictions and suggestions with  scholarly resources and empirical evidence. Use the research completed  to offer strong, confident content. The executive report should include a  cover letter, a title page, a reference page, and sections addressing  the topics listed. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Large  tables and figures should be in the Appendix section of the paper. 

 By Tuesday May 23, 2018, deliver your assignment to the Submissions Area. 

Assignment Components Proficient & Max Points:


Content Knowledge: Understanding

Communicates understanding of the organizations structure.

Response incorporates analysis and synthesis of central concepts of the assigned topic.

 Response reflects understanding of the nature of the specific topic  within the discipline and its applications in contemporary times.

Response provides necessary details and specific examples.  /100 pts.     

Content Knowledge: Application Component 1

Communicates the ability to explain how economic, social,  demographic, and workforce trends will be reflected in an organization.

Response demonstrates a working command of the disciplinary content knowledge.

Response examines the specific issue within the context of the topic area  using relevant details and examples.

 Response analyzes the specific aspect of the issue to applicable areas  within the discipline and their relevance to real world contexts.

Response is adequately supported by current and relevant literature .  /40 pts.     

Content Knowledge: Application Component 2

Communicates the ability to recommend leader, organizational, and  workforce trends to be considered in the larger macro environment, and  Identify related outcomes for each specific topic.

Response demonstrates a working command of the disciplinary content knowledge .

Response examines the specific issue within the context of the topic area  using relevant details and examples.

 Response analyzes the specific aspect of the issue to applicable areas  within the discipline and their relevance to real world contexts.

Response is adequately supported by current and relevant literature.  /100 pts.     

Written Communication/Personal Effectiveness

Conveys through written word understanding and application of the essential assignment components.

Writing is concise and clear in content, language use, grammar, organization, and sentence structure.

Writing is free of major grammatical and usage errors.  /60 pts.    

Total:    /300 pts )

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