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Our muscle strength, endurance, and power can benefit our daily activities, especially in our career fields. For example, a mailman/mailwoman may have a heavy load to load out, and to have stronger muscles or a good endurance, will help him to deliver mail/deliveries down a whole block. 

For most, using the stairs and walking places can tire them out for a little.  If we had good muscular endurance, we could walk more places and feel less tired at the end of the day. If a work building has stairs to get to certain floors, those with better endurance can get to their office quicker and also not have to worry about being tired as quickly as perhaps their coworker may have to.

Having good muscular strength also helps in lifting/grabbing/moving objects. For anyone who has to move furniture, clean, move items, or carry things around the house, muscular strength can help them do this also without tiring out and help them get more done in a shorter amount of time. Power isn’t needed as much in daily activities but perhaps it could also be used to lift and carry objects.

For me, my muscular fitness is at a low/average level. My consistency with exercise is not ideal because I’m only exercising every other week and only once a week. I take a dance class that lasts only 1 hr long. However, the intensity is high, so I do get a good workout when I go. Comparing myself to when I was in a really good fitness state, my state now would be low/average. My endurance hasn’t diminished as much, but my muscle strength has. My flexibility has also diminished slightly. I would say that my power has also diminished too. I wouldn’t say I have completely reversed my level of good fitness, but I would place myself in the low/average fitness level.

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