BAM 402 Unit 3 Examination latest July 2015

1) Public relations tactics can involve the use of ________.

A) controlled media

B) uncontrolled media

C) special events

D) All of the above

E) None of the above


2) Special events are designed for ________.

A) participants

B) observers

C) survey respondents

D) A and B

E) B and C


3) VNR stands for ________.

A) values-negotiated risk

B) video news release

C) values-neutral research

D) video network registration

E) variable noncompliance restriction


4) The acronym PAC stands for________.

A) political access committee

B) public access committee

C) political assistance committee

D) political action committee

E) positive attitude committee


5) What’s the best advice for a news conference?

A) Have refreshments for reporters.

B) Don’t do it if alternatives such as a news release would work as well.

C) Have hot coffee on hand.

D) Schedule it when all media can attend.

E) Invite only media you know are friendly.


Unit 3 Examination


BAM 402 Public Relations


6) Media kits can include ________.

A) backgrounders

B) fact sheets

C) news releases

D) B and C

E) All of the above


7) The difference between a media advisory and a news release is ________.

A) a media advisory is generally longer than a news release

B) media advisories are generally used for fast-breaking news stories

C) news releases are factual and media advisories are not

D) news releases can be openly promotional; media advisories usually can’t

E) There is no difference. These are two names for the same document.


8) When executing a public relations plan, ________ is/are among the key factors to be


A) deadlines

B) quality control

C) communication within the team

D) All of the above

E) None of the above


9) The person responsible for the success of a public relations plan should ________.

A) always make saving the client’s/company’s money the highest priority

B) communicate frequently with clients or supervisors

C) evaluate the process only after it is completed and all the facts are available

D) All of the above

E) None of the above


10) PR Week magazine lists this/these skill(s) as essential for entry-level public relations


A) writing

B) advertising copywriting

C) public speaking

D) web design

E) A and C


Unit 3 Examination


BAM 402 Public Relations

11) Writing for the web is different from writing for a printed page because ________.

A) the Internet provides unlimited space for detail

B) computer users are more sophisticated than traditional print users

C) computer screens are harder to read than the printed page

D) A and B

E) A and C


12) When writing a speech, it is important to ________.

A) use precise nouns and verbs

B) use concrete words and images

C) place attribution after a quotation

D) A and B

E) all of the above


13) Presentation research starts with ________.

A) planning

B) a company party

C) organization

D) knowing your targeted public

E) visual aids


14) Presentation planning starts with ________.

A) research

B) deciding what personality you want to project

C) hiring a consultant

D) being yourself

E) focus groups


15) One of the best ways to get over presentation jitters is to ________.

A) tell a funny joke to get everyone in a good mood

B) drink several cups of coffee to calm your nerves before speaking

C) ignore them

D) eat a good meal

E) practice your presentation


Unit 3 Examination


BAM 402 Public Relations


16) ________ refers to a new generation of Internet services that encourage online collaboration

and sharing.

A) Global village

B) Web 2.0

C) Viral marketing

D) Push technology

E) E-commerce


17) Viral marketing proved to be an effective tactic ________.

A) that led to the election of Bill Clinton as U.S. president in 1992

B) with the introduction of Microsoft’s Vista operating system in 2005

C) following the SARS outbreak in Canada in 2003

D) with the introduction of the personal computer in 1977

E) that helped the Allies counter Nazi propaganda in World War II


18) The fi rst thing one should do before establishing an Internet web site is ________.

A) create a memorable URL

B) determine who the audience is and what you want to say

C) estimate costs

D) locate a server

E) learn HTML


19) A popular collaborative software that allows multiple people to contribute to online content is

known as ________.

A) wi fi

B) bluetooth

C) cybersharing


E) wiki


20) In the People’s Republic of China, the punishment for a “gross violation” of its Internet

policies is ________.

A) death

B) a prison sentence

C) loss of Internet access

D) deportation

E) a substantial fi ne


Unit 3 Examination


BAM 402 Public Relations


21) During the Sago mine disaster in 2006, families of the trapped miners were erroneously led to

believe that the men had been successfully rescued because ________.

A) the mining company did not have crisis communication plan

B) state offi cials “jumped the gun” in a effort to get credit for the rescue

C) the mining company’s crisis communications plan was not followed

D) the families were impatient

E) company offi cials lied to them


22) The second stage of a crisis is known as ________.

A) when things return to normal

B) the critical moment

C) the point of no return

D) the cleanup phase

E) the warning stage


23) Which of the following statements is/are true?

A) NASA learned to communicate better during crises after the Challenger accident.

B) NASA won public praise for its handling of the Columbia accident.

C) In both shuttle disasters, NASA suffered from what investigators called “go fever.”

D) All of the above.

E) None of the above.


24) The crisis management team meets in the ________.

A) executive suite

B) media information center

C) central command post

D) place where the crisis is occurring

E) emergency operations center


25) During the 2006 Sago mine disaster, ________.

A) the mining did not have a crisis communications plan

B) the mining company president acknowledged that he made a mistake

C) the mining company initially received praise for its crisis communications

D) A and C

E) B and C


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