Bardach Reading and Discussion Post, Sociology homework help

After you have completed reading, “Bardach”–Eightfold page, please complete the following:

In the United States, Michigan, or your local municipality; there are problems that arise.  These problems range from underfunded schools at the local level, to roads falling into disrepair at the State level, to a budget deficit for a federal entitlement program (SSI).  Whatever the problem, it is a problem that needs attention from policy makers.

Think of yourself as a policy analyst, who is working for a legislator, or professional public servant.  As a policy analyst, you must: 1) Define a problem; 2) Assemble Some Evidence; and 3) Construct the Alternatives.  

After you have read Bardarch, your question is to:

1) Define a problem (make sure you are very specific with defining this problem, identify what level of government you are talking about);

2)  Assemble Some Evidence (make sure that you use data / facts to support your definition of a problem); and

3)  Constructure the Alternatives (identify some possible alternative solutions to the defined problem).

**No student can duplicate another students “defined problem” (i.e. if you see a problem posted, don’t use it).

**All students are expected to comment on AT LEAST three other students postings.  


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