Benefits Policy and Flexible Benefits Strategy

HRM 533 Total Rewards

Week 9 Discussion 1: “Benefits Policy”

1.) Create a benefits policy that encompasses the scope of benefits and a brief administrative section to addresss how benefits will be administered in your organization. Include a section on the roles necessary to carry out the policy within the organization.


Week 9 Discussion 2: “Flexible Benefits Strategy”

1.) If you were to become an expert in the field of benefits strategy, describe how you would acquaint yourself with the availability of new types of flexible benefits. Over the years, new employee benefits have become common, and it is important to stay abreast of them so that employee benefits can be refreshed. Provide your rationale and expected learning outcomes as you pursue this information.


Please note these are discussion questions not an assignment. Also add The WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits, & Total Rewards Edition, (2007) as a references in order for me to receive full credit.

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