Book Pearson’s Comprehensive Medical Assistant MT1116 -…

Question Answered Book Pearson’s Comprehensive Medical Assistant MT1116 -… Book Pearson’s Comprehensive Medical AssistantMT1116 – Pharmacology and Drug Administration for Medical AssistantsChapter 54Critical Thinking:Today, Samra Belkovich, RMA, is working with Dr. Miller at Pearson Physicians Group. Four-year-old Owen Russiano has been brought by his babysitter for an emergency appointment because of severe nausea and vomiting. Because he is so small, Dr. Miller is concerned that he may be dehydrated. Dr. Miller has ordered medication to be administered stat, via a rectal suppository. Samra is concerned because the boy seems very fearful, and she is worried she will not be able to administer the medication because of the child’s behavior.How should Samra proceed to follow Dr. Miller’s instructions? What should Samra do to help her administer the medication to the patient? Because Owen’s babysitter has brought him in for the office visit, will Samra need to obtain parental permission before administering the medication? Health Science Science Nursing MEDICAL ASSISTANT 1100 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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