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Many people are actually executing projects – even small ones, like that surprise birthday party for a cousin, or a trip to Uruguay, or the sale of a house, or a political campaign – without knowing they are actually managing a project.
In this class you will find that often you were “doing PM” and even applying specific tools without knowing their names. Discuss some examples of personal or business projects that after looking at the Syllabus and doing some of the preliminary reading defining PM, now appear to you (retrospectively) to be projects.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will earn more points in the discussions if you add a reference for any assertions you make and/or provide a resource for further reading on the topic. For example, if you say, ?evidence shows that the earth?s temperature is rising?, add a link ( ), and/or say, ?I found a summary report that shows the effects of climate change on large infrastructure projects here:… ?.

Students are expected to post at least once and respond (with more than just, ?nice one, Tim!?) to a minimum of two other posts in each discussion.

No plagiarism is allowed, articles can be cited, source needs to be marked, need reference.

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