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. I wanted to touch on the part of your post that discuss how harsh treatment of employees can lead to them leaving their job. I use to work for Domino’s and had a situation much like you described. We go a new manager who was an outstanding control freak. The thing that I disliked the most about the her was that she would give us like 5 different tasks to do and expect all of them to be done at the same time. For example, I would be assigned to wash dishes, clean windows, fold boxes, and sweep floor. If I was cleaning windows I would get yelled at because the floor had not been swept yet or if I was cleaning windows I would get in trouble because more boxes should have been folded. I tried to reason with her once and said that if she would just give me a list of the things she wanted done in order I would be able to be a better employee although that didn’t seem to register with her. She seemed to take a management approach where nothing was ever good enough no matter what. After a certain point I started looking for a new job because I couldn’t take her overbearing management style any more. 

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