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  I like your comment “Uncomfortable employees tend to be unhappy at work since they are not satisfied with the strict controls.” Sadly, my husband is dealing with this exact issue at work as he is in a more “middle management” role right now. First, I want to note that my husband is not usually the type to come home and complain about his day. In the past that had been more my role after having similar bosses. He would always tell me, “It can’t be that bad and that I’m probably overreacting”. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, he’s realizing how much your leadership can affect your day to day work life and how awful it is when that leadership or management is difficult to work with. His boss is always complaining about how much work they need to get done and makes it such a big deal if he or anyone needs any personal time off even if just to come in a bit late or leave early one day. My husband says he’s rarely there and when he is he’s just pointing out the bad and not lifting a finger to help fix it. We are both active duty and at our stations for the 4 years, and I hate that this could potentially be his day to day encounters until we or he leaves (or advances in pay grade). In his position, he should be able to make decisions for the team and just relay the message to his boss, but what ends up happening is he makes a decision that the team is all on board for, then informs his boss only to be told that’s not what he wants done and then has to go back on his word, therefore killing his credibility with his troops. Rightfully so, my husband feels like why try to manage the team at all if what he says can be shut down before given a chance to work. When we discuss his situation, we at least know the type of leader we do not want to be. I think it is the perfect example of how tightening the controls on employees is not the best method. My husband who is typically always positive and happy about work is not becoming aggravated and bit disgruntled and I’m sure it reflects in his motivation as well as the teams. 

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