Case: Creating a Process-Driven Organization at AgCredit, management homework help

Case: Creating a Process-Driven Organization at AgCredit:
This case is located in the book on page 473.

 ( book is IST 7100 IT Policy & Strategy 

AUTHOR:Pearson  but I have not book)

This case takes a “horizontal” slice through a number of coexistent
issues. As a result, the challenge is “knowing where to start” – just as
it is in real organizations – and this requires detective work. For
your understanding,appendix B is  per-boarded for your review, of  the
organization chart (see Appendix B) to show the relationship between the
EIP program, the lines of business and the IT function.


1. Propose an organizational structure for the IT department that you
feel would support the transformation of AgCredit into a process-centric

2. Outline a project selection process for AgCredit to ensure alignment with the enterprise business vision.

3.How should Manley “make the case” for SOA to ensure that the executive team at AgCredit buys in?

4.What new internal IT capabilities will have to be developed in order
to create an IT department to support AgCredit’s future business

5.What aspects of IT governance do you think would be important in supporting this transformation?  

follow this rubric for the writing assignment worth 55 points total.
Criteria to meet: Organization – strive for well developed paragraphs,
smooth transitions between paragraphs, ideas focused on a central theme.
Development – strive for Ideas focused on a central theme, all ideas
are clearly presented. Conventions – strive for no errors in sentence
structure (capitalization, grammar, presentation and general structure.)
APA Style – strive for correct cover page, in text citations, format
and reference page have no errors.

Please see grading rubric titled “case study” 

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