Case Study #1 Instructions for Discussion 1. Read the case

Case Study #1 Instructions for Discussion
1. Read the case study and complete all sections of the Solution Report

Case Study:
Jamie Johns is the manager in charge of a 12-bed step-down unit in the Lake Area Community
Hospital. Lake Area’s hospital administration is down-sizing, and the stepdown unit is moving to
a telemetry floor that has 39 beds. In six months, this full transition is to be completed. Jamie has
been informed that the nurse manager of the telemetry floor will remain the administrative
leader. Jamie’s position will no longer exist. The staff, who have been very supportive and loyal
to Jamie, are angry about the change and many have requested transfers to other floors. For
several years, the 39-bed telemetry unit has had high staff turnover and high use of agency
nurses. The administration believes that this down-sizing plan and transition of nursing staff to
the 39-bed unit would lead to a more stable nurse staffing for the larger unit. The morale on
Jamie’s unit continues to deteriorate, and Jamie is worried that patient care will be affected, andfamily members may hear the negative discussions that have increased in recent weeks. As a
nurse leader at this hospital, Jamie wants to leave this position and close the 12-bed unit on a
positive note.
Solution Report Questions
1. Identify the problems in the above case. Explain and support why they are
2. Determine the information you need to develop a solution for the problems.
3. Identify possible assumptions and biases that you and the patient might have which could affect the problems and solutions.
4. Identify and explain at least 3 different solutions to the problems including the negative and positive solutions. Evaluate the solutions and determine the best possible solution.
5. Explain how your chosen solution effectively utilizes 3 different leadership styles, characteristic and behaviors. Include any conflict resolution, change, communication, prioritization, workplace violence, critical thinking and

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